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Our team encompasses highly skilled and motivated real estate professionals who are dedicated to the operation of office buildings.

Since inception, we have grown our portfolio from a handful of Bay Area buildings to over 30 properties in three major metropolitan areas. In every case, we have achieved significant appreciation and income growth.

Over 100 Years of Experience

Our operating staff and executive leadership have many decades of commercial real estate experience. This diverse group brings a variety of critical knowledge, contributing to our emphasis on both economic performance and quality property care.

Diverse Skill Sets

We have wide and deep expertise in operations, accounting, leasing, and vendor and project management. Ask us for the details.

Active Partners in the Marketplace

We have established relationships with trusted partners, including vendors, contractors, suppliers, and professional service providers, allowing us to quickly and meticulously execute.

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Whether you’re a property owner evaluating your vendors or a business looking for office space, don’t hesitate to reach out to talk about our property management services.

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